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How It Works

Crowd-financing Solution for Government Purchase Orders

Client (Purchase order holder)

Small & medium companies that have low credit score or no credit history and have government purchase order to supply tangible goods can get financing in 1-3 days and the process is as follow : (1) apply by entering government PO number (2) verify and confirm PO (3) upload quotation from preferred supplier and sent invitations to supplier to register in Tameed Platform (4) accept finance offer from Tameed platform and sign contract online to get the needed finance to deliver goods.


Preferred suppliers get an invite to register in Tameed platform from the client (PO holder) (1) after registration supplier will sign purchase agreement with Tameed (2) Tameed platform will  sign Murabaha finance contract with the client sell the items in the PO which was purchased from the registered supplier (3) supplier will deliver the purchased items to the government agency warehouse.


Investor Tab: registered & verified investors in Tameed platform are able to view and invest in high return opportunities to finance government purchase orders and the process is as follow: (1) Register in Tameed Platform as Investor & create investment account in Tameed platform (2) deposit fund in investment account minimum SAR 10K (3) signed investment contract (4) select opportunity & transfer investment amount to opportunity account in the platform  (5) after the successful closure of contract your principal amount plus profit is deposited in your investor account in the platform

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